With 30 years of experience in the art market, Galerie Retelet benefits from an international network of clients and contacts. This important network of people has helped building an increased ability in research, expertise and the sale of artworks. 


We support our clients in the creation of various collections. Our expertise as well as our knowledge of art history and art market allow us to best advice our art collectors in order to help them build and enhance their collection. We guide them in line with their taste and market trends. We also assist our customers at every step, from the first will to purchase to the potential resale of their collection. 


Since art is withal a competitive investment, our expertise additionally incorporates the purely financial aspects of this asset. We support and advice our investor clients as part of their asset portfolio diversification. Whether it is a short-, medium-, long-term investment or a transfer to its descendant, the art collection benefits from a favorable tax on an independent market. It would therefore be foresighted to incorporate art collection into one’s heritage. 

Karel Appel



Rachel Baes

Bram Bogart

Pol Bury

Alexander Calder

Marc Chagall

Ha Chong-Huyn

Salvador Dali

Paul Delvaux

Sasha Drutskoy

James Ensor

Max Ernst

Lucio Fontana

Sam Francis


Jane Graverol

Peter Halley

Keith Haring

Hans Hartung

Anish Kapoor

Yves Klein

David Lachapelle

Marcel Lefrancq

Fernand Léger

Tamara de Lempicka

René Magritte

Marcel Mariën

E.L.T. Mesens


Léonard Misonne

Joan Miro

Claudio Parmiggiani

Auguste Renoir

Félicien Rops

Max Servais

José Maria Sicilia

Turi Simeti

Armand Simon

Frank Stella

Vassilakis Takis


Lee Ufan


Victor Vasarely